New High Five System Rolls Out

We’ve updated the High Five system! Now, everyone can use it and everyone earns a chance to win a cash prize. The High Fives are now on a sticky pad instead of in Paycom and they look like the note below. Has someone embodied our company values? Done a great job? Made things just a little easier for someone else? They deserve a High Five.

The new High Five pads will be arriving at your location soon. Keep a pad and use it to thank someone for a great job. Once a quarter, we’ll draw five High Fives and give those people $20. Not bad, right? You get praise from a colleague AND $20!


Employee fills out a High Five for another employee, takes a photo of it, and emails that photo to, and either hands the employee the High Five or emails the photo to them.

If an employee does not have an email, the High Five can be submitted to HR, who will forward the H5 to the individual’s personal email.

We’re sending or delivering the High Five pads to the sites and Steph/Cyndy will present at an all-staff meeting. We’re creating a visible space in both offices to display the notes.

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