Our Impact

Our programs work. Read on to see the data and testimonials that show it.

After school programs work.

There’s no doubt about that. The impact arc is making is evident. Here’s the data to prove it.



more likely to reach regular school day attendance benchmarks


of parents agree arc provides quality

0 / 5

school staff agree arc is prepared and professional

0 / 4

parents say child goes to school more due to arc

Data informed by arc's biannual stakeholder surveys and ERC, an independent evaluator specializing in student data management and monitoring.

Academic Achievement


arc students earned 91% of credits attempted, whereas non-arc students only earned 83% of their credits


arc students pass the ELA portion of the CAASPP at a 13% higher rate than non-attenders


arc students pass the Math portion of the CAASPP at a 10% higher rate than non-attenders


arc EL students Reclassified as Fluent English Proficient at up to 15% rates higher than non-attenders

Data provided by ERC, an independent evaluator specializing in student data management and monitoring.


Donna J.


Involvement with arc has helped our students reach goals by providing them with motivational activities that promote cooperation and teamwork, and build self-confidence. The school community has been continually impressed with both the high quality programs and professionalism from the arc staff. We believe that our involvement with arc programs has promoted academic achievement for participating students, and fostered interested that will benefit them at higher educational levels.

Allyx T.


Thank you for making my experience at Joshua Tree so memorable. I really enjoyed the hike and the biking. They both really challenged me but were so much fun. I really learned a lot during the astronomy lesson and the night hike was really amazing. Thanks again!


Team Building Program

The PE program has provided our school with a cost effective and flexible way to provide a quality program. I like the team play they stress and how they get all of the kids involved. Their instructors inspire the kids, provide a wide range of activities, and make the activities enjoyable.

Jackie S.

Assistant Principal

Our staff loved the team-building experience you provided for our staff development day. No one felt threatened, inadequate, or unable to participate, and all enjoyed the experience... Everyone, myself included, was impressed with your knowledge of sound teaching and instruction, your warmth and humor, and your approach with adults. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this positive experience to our staff.

Ryan L.


During the team building I had a lot of fun. It helped me to trust my teammates and think of creative ways to solve things. The activities were exciting and allowed me to learn a lot.


In 2016-17, we gathered over 14,000 survey responses. As our community evolves, we want to understand our students’ changing needs so that we can tailor our programs to best support them. Their input is invaluable. As we always say: "Your Voice, Your Program."

At arc, we know that our work stretches beyond the after school hours — forging strong links with classrooms and families is crucial to our students’ success. That’s why we work to keep an ongoing conversation between arc and all the students and stakeholders we serve. It takes a community to bridge the opportunity gap.


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