Bridging the Opportunity Gap

We create transformational learning opportunities that empower youth to realize their full potential.

About the Arc Experience


Since 2001

We are an award-winning, nationally recognized organization running after school and experiential education programs for over 20 years in communities throughout California.

Quality Partner

We provide after school, outdoor, enrichment, and leadership development to elementary, middle, and high school students as well as college students and professionals.

Neighborhood Centric

Our programs are built by and for their specific communities. Staff at each site model the diverse student populations at each school because they come from within those communities. 

schools throughout Southern California.
staff in the field and from the community.
No exceptions
undergo professional development training.
student participants annually.


We fill in the gaps to form an arc around, over and as a bridge to their education by offering experience, opportunity, and connection where it did not exist. We build the arc that supports their growth; we help students draw their own arc that leads towards a promising future.

So. What do we do here?

We build arcs.

- Brad Lupien, President & CEO, arc

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