Are you a student who wants to join arc programming at your school? Check out what students in our programs have accomplished, and what they have to say about arc.

Without arc, there wouldn’t be the sense of community there is today at my school. As cliche as it may sound… Life really does begin when you step outside of your comfort zone. For me, life began at arc.

Diego J.

Animo Venice Charter High School Student

arc provided me with all the resources and opportunities, such as visiting colleges and career fairs, that I needed in order to find my passion and drive. They helped me develop my leadership skills and become the leader that I am today… arc has really been a life changing program for me and I am deeply grateful for it.

Zingha F.

John F. Kennedy High School Student

Living in Los Angeles has accustomed our lives to a very urban setting, but arc has allowed us to learn about a world outside the city, one where we get to use our hands and explore the wonders of the planet.

Mayra T.

Animo Ralph Bunche Charter High School Student

arc is a great program. The voices of the students are heard and we are cared for and mentored by the staff… They keep us safe and provide a clean place so students can enjoy the time being there and are encouraged to come back the next day.

Steven M.

Reseda High School Student

Trees, mountains and campgrounds were our classroom. Just that change alone made me more alert and motivated to learn. For once I was excited to go to “class” and get educated.

Martha V.

Maywood Academy High School Student

"My best friends were made at arc."


"Everyone is so kind and nice to us, they almost feel like family."

"I absolutely love arc. I love the staff and I love the activities. I come to school just for arc and being in the arc room is the highlight of my day."


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