Congratulations Vax Lotto Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Vaccine Lottery Winners (and thank you for getting vaccinated!). We spent $20,000 in this all-hands effort to keep our teams safe.

We appreciate the effort you all made to get vaccinated and upload your information to Paycom. As we’ve said before, more districts, including LAUSD, are MANDATING vaccinations, so keep that in mind and give yourself time to get your shots. The information below is still valid and we will STILL PAY for your time to go get vaccinated and your mileage to and from the vaccination site.

  1. Go to to find a conveniently located vaccination site near you and make an appointment or walk in.  
  2. Get your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.  
  3. Upload a copy or scan of your vaccine card to Paycom.

$500 prize winners (8/13 and 8/20 drawings):

  1. Alonso, Arturo
  2. Alvidrez, Patricia
  3. Anderson, Katharine D
  4. Arizmendi, Angela
  5. Barrera, Mirna
  6. Boquin, Jenny
  7. Bustos, Alyssa Cheyenne
  8. Castro, Elizabeth
  9. Chow, Jenny
  10. De La Mora, Haisee
  11. Escobedo, Jose Guadalupe
  12. Flores, Eva
  13. Gallo, Adamaris
  14. Garcia, Maximiliano
  15. Gonzalez, Jocelyn
  16. Gozum, Robbin Lee Irene
  17. Hanson, Iretta R
  18. Hines, Jalen Dupree
  19. Martinez, Juan Carlos
  20. Monterroza, Kennedy Rachelle
  21. Moreno Chavez, Cristal E
  22. Ochoa, Angelica
  23. Palacios, Jessica
  24. Ramirez, Estevan Raymond
  25. Rodriguez, Jennifer Jannelly
  26. Rodriguez, Leslie Itzul
  27. Sajor, Stephanie
  28. Sanchez, Ariana
  29. Sobelman, Hannah Oshea
  30. Tell, Aaron Josef

$250 prize winners (8/13 and 8/20 drawings):

  1. Andrade, Jacqueline
  2. Arevalo-Oliva, Brigy M
  3. Bowman, Brandon Robert
  4. Clements, Angelique N
  5. Corrales, Damian
  6. Diaz, Sarai
  7. Ellis, Kayla
  8. Fuentes, Ingry Samantha
  9. Gonzalez, Diana
  10. Hurst, Aurica Diane
  11. Letona, Oscar Emilio
  12. Martinez, Matthew Jacob
  13. Quach, John
  14. Ramirez, Ivan
  15. Ramirez, Sasha Isabel
  16. Reyes, Jacobo
  17. Saldivar, Ramon R
  18. Sandoval, Jacqueline
  19. Torres, Cheyra Stephany
  20. Villagrana, Jesus

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