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About TUPE

TUPE Grant 

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD), Beyond the Bell Branch (BTB) is the recipient of the Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant. BTB applied for this grant to reduce the use of tobacco products by our youth and enable them to make more healthful tobacco-related decisions through tobacco specific educational instruction and activities.  

TUPE Mission 

This program was created to empower tomorrows student leaders to use their voices to promote change.  

TUPE Vision  

We envision that our student leaders will take charge of hosting campaigns that encourage healthier choices amongst their peers, bringing attention to the health risks associated with tobacco products. 

TUPE Goals  

Students will develop their leadership, public speaking and presentation skills as they plan and execute events focused on promoting a tobacco-free lifestyle. 

Youth Development 

The Youth Development Program will: 

  • Develop youth advocates and guide them in creating an anti-tobacco campaign throughout the year 
  • Guide students on how to coordinate the following TUPE events: 
  • Red Ribbon Week, The Great American Smoke out, Save a Sweetheart/Healthy Hearts, Kick Butts Day and a school Health Fair 
  • Provide 18 weekly 1 ½ hour sessions in the after-school program 
  • Consist of 20-25 students who exhibit leadership qualities 


  • Red Ribbon Week 
    Students will spread awareness of the vaping & tobacco use epidemic 
  • Great American Smoke Out
    Students will provide facts about health risks & vaping related to cancer 
  • Save a Sweetheart/Healthy Hearts
    Students will educate their peers on the physical harm that tobacco products cause 
  • Take Down Tobacco Day
    Students will provide their fellow scholars and community with helpful resources on how to quit the use of tobacco products and creating a drug free environment 
  • Health Fair
    Students will collaborate with health centers, non-profit organizations, and networks to educate, provide resources and advocate for the tobacco and vaping epidemic. 

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