About LAP

The Language in Action Program (LAP) is offered as a series of 13 sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. The curriculum includes the following components: 

  • Constructive conversations reinforce LAUSD’s ELD curriculum strategies and provide opportunity for scaffolded language learning.  
  • Academic activities build language skills for ELD levels 1-4. Language learning is embedded into academic games and activities.  
  • Group presentations to address a community or global issue, provide students with the opportunity to raise the awareness level of their peers on an issue that is impacting their community and/or world.   
  • LAP Culmination/College Day for High and Middle School Students takes place at the end of the program, with a multi-school event on a college campus. The students are able to conduct their presentation, on a community or global issue, to their peers as well as participate in a guided college tour. 

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