Brand Guide

Our company's brand is strengthened when we tell a consistent story.


In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an “arc” is “a curved path” or it can signify a bridge. We build the arc that supports student growth by offering experience, opportunity, and connection where it did not exist. We help students draw their own arc that leads toward a promising future.

What we do is fill in the gaps in a child’s education, daily in our own way within the structure of our organization. Some days we do it with a carabiner, some days with a piece of art, some days with a high five. Some days with a kind word and a hug. We bridge the gaps in learning by providing opportunities for kids to shine through their learning. We fill the educational gap every day, on an individual level, through direct and individual acts of teaching.


It's a Word, Not an Acronym

It's "Arc," not "A.R.C."

Capitalization vs lowercase

Arc may be capitalized.

arc in lowercase is acceptable, but please use bold or italics to emphasize the name. Otherwise, it may look like an error.


Why does Arc exist? We answer that with our mission statement.


We create transformational learning opportunities that empower youth to realize their full potential.


Bridging the Opportunity Gap


When talking about the company, running programs, and interacting with your colleagues, keep these in mind. Our values as an organization make us who we are and they drive our behavior and our decisions.

  1. Our Work is Rewarding
    We lift up communities through education, social justice, and creating opportunities for better living. We encourage staff to do better, to continuously improve, and grow. We reward staff with good pay, benefits, and educational training. Our infrastructure supports upward mobility, within our company and beyond. We work as a team, encouraging each other to be creative and innovative, to learn from failures, and take risks.

  2. Clients Deserve Excellence
    Our clients are diverse in their positions and needs. Students, parents, school leaders, colleagues: all are our clients. Client relationships are the key to our success and sustainability. We actively listen to hear client needs. We start with “yes” and build from there. We pay attention to details, communicate clearly, follow through, and exemplify professionalism.

  3. We are Humble, Kind, Joyful, and Hopeful
    Integrity is not a value. It is a given. We do the right thing for our clients, our team, our company, and our communities. We believe that each person has their own unique story that matters and is meaningful. We arrive at each encounter ready to hear, understand, and appreciate each other.

The words and phrases below help communicate the nature of our work. Altogether, they describe what makes us a leader in the world of experiential education.

Our organization is big enough to provide the best, but small enough to provide structured customization to fit the needs of every client.

The opportunities we deliver are innovative and unique. You won’t find them anywhere else.

From our line staff and guides to the CEO, we hire compassionate folks who are as diverse as the communities we serve.


One of the main ways we tell our story is through a unified visual design.

Below you will find the primary logo and brand colors to use when making a flyer, poster, or other design for your program. There are multiple colors available, but the primary logos used should be the dark blue version, or white if against a colorful background.

arc Experience Logo



Blue is associated with trust, security, and responsibility. Parents are leaving their children in our care; their safety is our priority.


HEX #0455a4
RGB 5,86,165
CMYK 97 74 1 0
Pantone 7455 C

Light Primary

HEX #6292c3
RGB 99, 147, 196
CMYK 63 34 5 0
Pantone 7682 C

Lightest Primary

RGB 178, 185, 221
CMYK 27 12 2 0
Pantone 277 C


HEX #27A9E1
RGB 39, 170, 225
CMYK 70 15 0 0
Pantone 2995 C

Primary Text

HEX #000000
RGB 0,0,0
CMYK 0 0 0 100
Pantone Black 6 C

Secondary Text

HEX #939393
RGB 147, 147, 147
CMYK 0 0 0 50
Pantone Cool Gray 7 C


RGB 200, 200, 200
CMYK 0 0 0 25
Pantone Cool Gray 3 C

Alternate Text

RGB 200, 200, 200
CMYK 0 0 0 25
Pantone Cool Gray 3 C


Our secondary colors are bright and stimulating. They allude to the enthusiastic and creative nature of our programs.


HEX #73BF44
RGB 115,191,68
CMYK 59 0 99 0
Pantone 360 C


RGB 189,140,191
CMYK 25 50 0 0
Pantone 7439 C


RGB 251,174,71
CMYK 0 36 82 0
Pantone 1365 C


HEX #63C4B4
RGB 100,197,181
CMYK 58 0 36 0
Pantone 3258 C


HEX #F69679
RGB 246,150,151
CMYK 0 50 50 0
Pantone 486 C

Human Resources

RGB 255,212,0
CMYK 0 20 100 0
Pantone Yellow 012 C


The sub-brand logos provide a visual representation of our individual program activities and uplift the uniqueness of our offerings. In the large volume of materials we have both internally and externally, the sub-brand logos provide an easy visual code to differentiate these materials.

Folder Stickers 2023.03-02

Green: well-being, positive outcomes

Iconography: nature, outdoors

arcU logo 1 primary
Folder Stickers 2023.03-01

Purple: wisdom

Iconography: advancement, knowledge

Enrichment Logo
Folder Stickers 2023.03-03

Teal: uniqueness, individuality, importance of being yourself

Iconography: broadening horizons

1 Amplified Logo Primary
Folder Stickers 2023.03-04

Yellow: joy, enthusiasm, inspires communication

Iconography: rising sound, raising voices




Primary brand fonts and template documents on Microsoft 365 using these fonts are available on the Staff Portal for employee use.


For usage across all official documents.

Title: Avenir Next

Header: Lubalin

Subheader: Lubalin Uppercase

Body Copy: Avenir Next

Line Spacing: 1.5



For usage on Microsoft 365.

Title Avenir Next LT Pro Light

Header Amasis MT Black

Subheader Amasis MT Black, Uppercase

Body Copy Avenir Next LT Pro

Line Spacing 1.5


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