About Us

Our Mission

arc is an after school and experiential education provider.
We bridge the opportunity gap by creating transformational learning
opportunities that empower youth to realize their full potential.

At a Glance

Our Staff

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What do we do?

“What all of us do each day, in our own way within the structure of our organization, is to fill in the gaps in a child’s education. Some days with a carabiner, some days with a piece of art, some days with a high five. Some days with a kind word and a hug. Each gap is different for each student. Our process is simple. We get to know them as individuals, we build their confidence through our kindness, and then we bridge the gaps in their learning by providing opportunities for them to shine through learning. We fill the educational gap everyday, on an individual level, through direct and individual acts of teaching.

We fill in the gaps to form an arc around, over and as a bridge to their education by offering experience, opportunity, and connection where it did not exist. We build the arc that supports their growth; we help students draw their own arc that leads towards a promising future.

So. What do we do here?

We build arcs.”

– Brad Lupien, President & CEO