Youth Enrichment Programs and Classes

Photography youth enrichment program at Hancock Park Elementary

Youth enrichment programs ensure a well-rounded after school experience. Your child will have a safe place to learn valuable skills that give them self-confidence and the encouragement to find and cultivate their personal passions.

Our youth enrichment classes are offered in three different sessions: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each session lasts from six to ten weeks, with individual classes occurring once a week. The last class is a culmination ceremony with a presentation or performance in which students can showcase what they have learned. We work closely with each school’s administration to create a catalog customized for each community’s interests and needs. This collaboration includes modifying classes, daily schedule, instructors, and more to ensure a program that best fits your school.

Our enrichment class program schedules are available for Spring 2017 below. Contact us to learn more or if you have any questions!

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Enrichment Sample Class Activities

Below is a small sample of classes we regularly offer. If you are looking for something that you do not see here, feel free to ask about it. There is no limit to the types of enrichment we can offer!

Dribble, shoot, and score during Basketball class! Our program is designed specifically for children to develop their personal skills of discipline, self-respect, sportsmanship, and leadership! We focus on having fun while guiding children through imaginative games that teach basic basketball skills. Students will also have the opportunity to play in interscholastic scrimmages, practicing all that they’ve learned throughout the session!

During Cheer and Dance Club, students will have the opportunity to cheer on their school team while learning choreographed dances, performance technique, teamwork, and rhythm and movement.

During Chess Club, students are introduced to chess concepts and receive personalized attention. Train of Thought provides a safe, social environment that is ideal for the realization of the academic and social value of chess. This course provides the time and resources to build a competitive chess team to compete locally.

Culinary Arts
Use your imagination, be creative, have fun, and make art out of food in this culinary arts class. Students will learn kitchen safety, nutrition, and proper cooking techniques as they prepare recipes for their very own recipe book that they will get at the very end of this session.

Bonjour! This class will introduce students to French as well as the rich culture behind the language. Students will learn the alphabet, animals, colors, and simple conversational statements while getting immersed in their learning through cooking, learning songs and poetry, and creating works of art.

Martial Arts
Our Martial Arts program is designed to teach focus, concentration, balance, and motor coordination within the context of Tae Kwon Do. This program will also strengthen your child’s social and emotional skills, awareness of others, and character development.

Movie Making
Join this exciting class where kids develop their own story and bring it to life! They will design their own sets, their own crazy mini figures, and utilize technology to create their own movie. They will even create voices for all of their characters. Design monsters, creepers or your own personal hero to tackle the incredible environment that you create. This class is a great opportunity for students to grow their story telling skills and develop an understanding of the animation process through stop-motion animation.

Music Production
Go beyond just listening to music. Make it yourself! Our Music Production class is designed to enhance imagination, innovation, and a passion for music. You will be introduced to the technical fundamentals of recording and editing digital audio while exploring the concepts of songwriting and arrangement. By the end of the session you will create your own original production and leave the class with your very own Demo CD and class compilation!

Musical Theater
Dance, sing, and act to your favorite musical numbers from your favorite movies and plays! In this musical theater class, students learn the fundamentals of performance art, movement, and vocal strength from our theater professionals in a low stress environment. Students will also have the opportunity to play a role in production and costume design.


Photo Beginner Class: Samy’s Camera provides a fun, hands-on after school photography class that teaches fundamental concepts (like composition, color & perspective) while covering different fields of photography (e.g. Fashion, Food, Sports, Photojournalism). Students borrow a camera each class and receive their images at the end. The final class is a graduation ceremony complete with diplomas, a slideshow, and a gallery show of the students’ framed photographs.

Photo Advanced Class: For alumni, this session’s Advanced Class focuses on Sports & Macro Photography. Master new techniques like Black & White macro and ring-lighting. Photograph reflections in water droplets and food coloring swirls in water. Build your own light tents and make an ‘about me’ movie. The final class is a graduation ceremony complete with diplomas, a slideshow, and a gallery show of the students’ framed photographs.
— Prerequisite: Student must have taken the Beginner Class.
— There are three different advanced classes alumni can take.

Build and play with robots! This class is a great opportunity of students to develop an understanding of engineering by experimenting with sensors, electrical engines, remote controls, and speed and momentum, while honing in on fine motor skills. They will also to gain knowledge in electrical engines, cogs and wheels, and remote controllers.

¡Hola! ¿Como estas? In Beginner Spanish, students will learn how to count, state colors, say the alphabet, label body parts and recognize animals… ALL in Spanish! Students will also learn Spanish rhymes and songs – a great way to pique a young learner’s interest in foreign language through immersion!

During Soccer Club students will develop athletic skill, sportsmanship, learn about teamwork, and most of all have fun! This is also a great opportunity to participate in an interscholastic league and represent your school while playing other teams!

Our tennis curriculum includes games, drills, and physical fitness activities that improve motor skills, agility, and hand-eye coordination. Our goal is to not only develop our students’ tennis skills, but to give them the building blocks for future achievement on the tennis court and in life.