Youth Enrichment Programs and Classes

Photography youth enrichment program at Hancock Park Elementary

Youth enrichment programs ensure a well-rounded after school experience. Your child will have a safe place to learn valuable skills that give them self-confidence and the encouragement to find and cultivate their personal passions.

Our youth enrichment classes are offered in three different sessions: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each session lasts from six to ten weeks, with individual classes occurring once a week. The last class is a culmination ceremony with a presentation or performance in which students can showcase what they have learned. We work closely with each school’s administration to create a catalog customized for each community’s interests and needs. This collaboration includes modifying classes, daily schedule, instructors, and more to ensure a program that best fits your school.

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Enrichment Sample Class Activities

Below is a small sample of classes we regularly offer. If you are looking for something that you do not see here, feel free to ask about it. There is no limit to the types of enrichment we can offer!

Culinary Arts
Our cooking class encourages everyone to try new foods, learn about the food pyramid and practice counting and measuring, all while having fun in the kitchen. Students will learn kitchen safety, nutrition, and proper cooking techniques as they prepare recipes they can easily create for family and friends. This class teaches healthy eating habits and introduces the students to different cultures. Through hands-on recipes, we learn that cooking can be fun and nutritious!

Eco Arts + Crafts
Don’t waste – create! Our eco arts + crafts class teaches students how to reduce, reuse, and recycle and build their own creative products from leftover items you can find around the house or in nature. Teach environmental responsibility while cultivating artistic skill.

Flex your green thumbs! First, plan for your bed by sketching and surveying your garden site. Then, learn the tools and techniques you need to grow your plants. Familiarize yourself with soil, vegetation, planting, sustainability, nutrition, and beautification. By the end of the class, you will be a master gardener!

The Great Outdoors Adventure & Leadership Series is our signature adventure program combining leadership and teamwork skill development with outdoor adventures. We start with a series of critical skill workshops followed by outdoor adventure activities to put those skills into practice. Highlights include kayaking, rock climbing, camping, and high ropes.

Hip Hop Dance
Slide on down to the dance floor! Students will learn the basics of hip hop dance to some of today’s biggest hits. Allow your child to express their creativity as they dance and improve their endurance, flexibility, and strength. We will focus on getting comfortable with dancing, choreography, and above all, getting into the groove!

Music Production
Get introduced to the technical fundamentals of recording and editing digital audio while exploring the concepts of songwriting and arrangement. Students practice bringing their creative concepts to life on equipment and software that even the professionals use. Students are also encouraged to show their projects live on stage. Public speaking and performance skills are put into practice at school assemblies and lunchtime showcases for the entire campus to see.

Physical Education
Our physical education classes provide a welcoming environment for students of all athletic abilities. We emphasize good sportsmanship, fair play, working hard, respecting self and others, and strengths building. Activities include learning sports fundamentals, aerobic activity, movement and balance, flexibility, and more.

Survival Skills
Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? This class will train young survivalists in crucial outdoor skills including: Building Shelter, Compass Navigation, Water Purification, Edible Plants, and Signaling. The class culminates in a Survival Race across campus or in the outdoors where students put their skills to the test using only equipment they have on their backs.

Team Building
Bond your group with team building activities and lessons that can be applied to situations in both school and life. Face challenges, set goals, and engage in trust-building practices in a safe and fun environment.