Winter Camp

Give your child the arc experience this holiday season! During their break from school, our students keep their brains moving with enriching activities, stay active with outdoor recreation, and get creative with arts and science projects.

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Register Class Days Times Ages Class Starts Tuition
5161485 Winter Camp Week 1 Register Winter Camp Week 1 M, TU, W, TH 9:00am-4:00pm 4 – 12 12/21/15 250.00
5234795 Winter Camp Week 2 Register Winter Camp Week 2 M, TU, W, TH 9:00am-4:00pm 4 – 12 12/28/15 250.00
5161486 Winter Camp Week 3 Register Winter Camp Week 3 M, TU, W, TH, FRI 9:00am-4:00pm 4 – 12 01/04/16 300.00
5234803 Register Winter Camp 2015-16 (All 3 Weeks) M, TU, W, TH, FRI 9:00am-4:00pm 4 – 12 12/21/15 760.00


12/25 Christmas Day         01/01 New Years Day

Weekly Enrichment Rotations

Each week, our campers will be able to pick 2 enrichment clubs to participate in that fit their interests.

Week 1
Rotation 1: Animation, Cheer & Dance, Flag Football
Rotation 2: Cooking, Science and Tech, Soccer

Week 2
Rotation 1: Cooking, Music Production, Soccer
Rotation 2: Animation, Cheer & Dance, Flag Football

Week 3
Rotation 1: Cheer & Dance, Science and Tech, Soccer
Rotation 2: Animation, Cooking, Flag Football

Enrichment Descriptions

Animation: Students will go through the process of developing their own story and bringing it to life. This is a great opportunity for students to grow their story telling skills, use technology, and develop an understanding of the animation process.

Cheer & Dance: Each week, students will practice the fundamentals of cheer and dance technique including exercise, jumps and kicks, motion, movement, rhythm, and a full routine to showcase at the end of the week!

Cooking: Students will learn kitchen safety, nutrition, manners, and dining etiquette all while chopping, grating, and preparing their own meals.

Flag Football: Learn football fundamentals, sportsmanship, hand eye coordination, all while having fun. Each week will culminate in a tournament!

Music Production: Become the DJ for the day! Learn the fundamentals behind building your own podcast, radio show, and very own tracks!

Science and Tech: Explore and investigate science, engineering, technology, and a little bit of art first hand. Build robots, make rockets soar, and see a 3D printer in action.

Soccer: Learn soccer fundamentals, develop athletic skill, sportsmanship, learn about teamwork, and most of all have fun. Each week will culminate in a tournament!