Elementary After School Programs

We create transformational learning opportunities that empower youth to realize their full potential.

Programs Customized to Your Community

We work with the ASES state grant as well as non-grant funding sources to create a custom program that meets the needs of your students.

Comprehensive Program

Comprehensive program offered M-F until 5pm on your campus. Our program is available through ASES grant funding or fee-based payment system for parents.


Subject-specific classes taught on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 6-10 weeks, based on school calendar needs. Classes culminate in a showcase to share skills learned.


Held right on your campus, students stay active during school vacations with outdoor recreation, get creative with art & science projects, and go on educational field trips.


Comprehensive Program


We build on the regular school day with collaborative learning, homework assistance, subject tutoring, and age-appropriate activities.


The after school schedule includes subject-based enrichment lessons. Students build specialized knowledge culminating in a project or showcase.


Recreation time focuses on good sportsmanship, fair play, working hard, showing respect for others, and strengths based leadership. In addition to movement, we emphasize good nutrition habits and healthy lifestyle choices.


Sign In 2:30pm
Warm Up Activity 2:45pm
Homework 3:00pm
Snack Time 4:15pm
Enrichment Activity 4:30pm
Outdoor Games 5:30pm
Dismissal 5:55pm

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