Administrators & Faculty

At a time when every dollar counts, student academic performance matters more than ever before, and opportunities for young people to have the experiences they need to excel in school and in life are all too often severely limited, we can help you reach your goals and help your students achieve their potential.

Record of Excellence

Since 2001, our innovative after school and adventure programs have met and exceeded the expectations of district, school and California Department of Education partners. At the over 70 schools where we are located, the results are well-documented. We have a proven record of working closely with principals and certificated teachers to reinforce and expand upon what students are learning during the school day and helping children and young people succeed academically and socially.



We would be delighted to speak with you in person about the benefits our programs offer, and have you visit one of our sites.

We Make a Difference

Participation in arc programs is associated with positive results on students’ academic performance, school attendance, and attitudes towards academic and personal goals. The following results are based on the ’09-’10 academic school year.

Students who attended arc programs for at least 39 days showed much higher rates of scoring proficient or advanced in both sections of the California Standards Test (CST). Meanwhile, 10th grade students who participated in just 5 days or more in an arc program also demonstrated higher passing rates on the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) in both English-Language Arts and Math than non-participants.

Non-participants displayed a decline in regular school day attendance during the year as compared to the previous year’s attendance, but arc participants resisted the decline.

A large majority of arc students showed positive attitudes towards academic goals, school, and their self-esteem. Results show answers of “agree” or “strongly agree” to survey statements.