Our Impact

High quality staff with marked professionalism.Teamwork and creativity are skills all students can develop at arc.Helping students reach their full potential.Leadership skills gained by students.



CalSAC Award In May 2014, arc was a recipient of the Challenge Youth Advocate Award from the California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC)! The award is given to organizations and their youth advocates for utilizing the CalSAC Challenge to ensure that youth voice for expanding learning is heard in Sacramento.
US Department of Education Award The arc model for 21st CCLC older youth programming was selected for inclusion in a U.S. Department of Education 2010 best practices resource book.
CAHSEE Preparedness A 2009 independent evaluation found that arc students are 12% more likely to pass the CAHSEE exam than their non-arc counterparts.
CalSAC Two arc After School Executive Managers were honored in 2009 by CalSAC for excellence in program design and site management.
LAUSD Beyond the Bell OST Website LAUSD’s Beyond the Bell Branch nominated arc for the Federal Doing What Works in OST website.
California Afterschool Network Innovation Award In Spring 2009, the League of CA After School Partners highlighted arc‘s partnership with Beyond the Bell as a best practices team. In Fall 2010, San Diego Channel 6 News ran a piece on arc in response to our California Afterschool Network (CAN) Innovation Award.
ASSETS Funding for CORE Educational Services arc‘s partnership with CORE Educational Services has brought significant private sector money to our ASSETS sites from companies such as Home Depot, State Farm, Bain Capital, Leichtag Foundation, Sound Body Sound Mind, Parsi Accounting, Whole Foods, and many more.
Loadstone National Collaboration Prize arc was a runner up for the 2010 Loadstone National Collaboration Prize.


After School

Without arc, there wouldn’t be the sense of community there is today at my school. As cliche as it may sound… Life really does begin when you step outside of your comfort zone. For me, life began at arc.

-Animo Venice Charter High School Student

arc has provided after-school programming for our students over the past four years. During that time we have found the staff to be responsive and caring toward our students and families. The activities and supervision offered have met all of our needs and been beyond our expectations. The after-school program is structured, organized and designed to allow our students time for homework and a variety of exploration through “club” experiences.

-Janis B., Chief Educational Advocate

arc provided me with all the resources and opportunities, such as visiting colleges and career fairs, that I needed in order to find my passion and drive. They helped me develop my leadership skills and become the leader that I am today.

-John F. Kennedy High School Student

The arc after school program has been very beneficial to me, as well as other students because they prepare and educate us for the future. The arc staff is always there to help and guide me. I believe arc is more than just an after school program; it is a second home for students.

-John C. Fremont High School Alum

Team Building

Involvement with arc has helped out students reach our goals by providing them with motivational activities that promote cooperation and teamwork and build self-confidence.

Our students have participated in a range of programs through arc that include after school athletic and dance programs, school wide team building activities, and the Teen Adventure Challenge. The school community has been continually impressed with both the high quality programs and professionalism from the arc staff. We believe that our involvement with arc programs has promoted academic achievement for participating students, and fostered interested that will benefit them at higher educational levels.

As a Middle School Principal, I give arc my whole-hearted support, and feel extremely fortunate to have formulated this partnership that enhances the educational experiences of our students.

-Donna J., Principal


My husband and I wanted to let you know much my child has enjoyed the summer arc program. He has been excited and happy each day and has enjoyed the exposure to new sports. It has also opened the doors for him socially with the other boys. It has also offered more opportunities for compassion as he has become aware of some of the challenges faced by others (his cousin also has Aspergers). We have also been impressed by the organization and quality of the program specifics and counselors. 

We would love to see this program continue next summer. Let us know how else we can sing the praises of arc.

-Megan and Peter B.

Adventure Trips

Living in Los Angeles has accustomed our lives to a very urban setting, but arc has allowed us to learn about a world outside the city, one where we get to use our hands and explore the wonders of the planet.

-Animo Venice Charter High School Student

I heard nothing but positive comments from the participants and the word of mouth has already started filtering to other members of our community. This is an experience the participants will never forget and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of it.

-Priscilla Z., Rec Supervisor

Trees, mountains, and campgrounds were our classroom. Just that change alone made me more alert and motivated to learn. For once I was excited to go to “class” and get educated.

-Maywood Academy High School Student

Staff Development

Our staff loved the team-building experience you provided for our staff development day. No one felt threatened, inadequate, or unable to participate, and all enjoyed the experience. I think what really won them over was your ability to bring the experiences back to the classroom. The discussions helped the teachers to reflect not only on their performance on the yard, but how they respond to the needs of their students in the classroom. Everyone, myself included, was impressed with your knowledge of sound teaching and instruction, your warmth and humor, and your approach with adults. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this positive experience to our staff. Thanks again.

-Jackie S., Assistant Principal


Being a part of the arc family means never having to wonder if you’re seen, heard, or valued by the wonderful staff at arc. I cannot begin to count the many wonderful stories that I’ve heard about the coaches in arc or her teachers in enrichment classes. Nor can I begin to tell you of opportunities that [my daughter] has had to grow and develop her own voice through being a part of arc.

-Enrichment Parent

It’s really convenient having all these great options here on the school grounds. No need to take the kids to piano class, and then soccer class, and then dance. All of it is all in one place!

-Enrichment Parent


Through arc and through allowing me to have the opportunity to MC events and for me to be in front of an audience, it really boosted my confidence to the point to where now I’m just fearless. I can jump in and do anything I really want to.

-Student at Animo South LA Charter High School

The arc Arts Camp was amazing. At first I was a little overwhelmed at the number of students at the camp, so I didn’t socialize very much. By the final day at camp I had made so many friends that I didn’t want to leave. The camp taught me to not be afraid to step out of my comfort zone and I am very glad that I went.

-Student at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School